Mensa, Baby! (#634538)

Level: Medium

Mensa, Baby! is a remarkable theme and variations for advanced jazz ensembles.  The theme is introduced by a brief trombone chorale, which goes straight into a driving rock feel.  Other elements of this fascinating work include an alternating  7/8 – 9/8 feel (but written in 4/4), a waltz section with occasional hints of 5/8 – 7/8 , a baroque fugal section, and a couple of memorable band tutti sections.  The harmonies are great for soloing – solo chords are provided for all instruments. Brass ranges are very moderate for this level of difficulty, making the chart accessible to many ensembles. Rhythm parts are fully notated. Written ranges: trumpet Db6, trombone F4.

(Instrumentation: AATTB saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, piano, guitar, bass, drums)

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